Future Reserves 2020 – Planned v Current Manning

Army Nurse Operating Medical Equipment at Camp Bastion Hospital, Afghanistan

Before anyone gets over excited about the numbers it is important to remember that the planned column is for 2020, or more accurately April 2019.

The table was in response to an FOI request on regimental manning, instead of a regimental breakdown, the MoD provided it on Arm/Service. It shows the total trained Group A Army Reserve manning as at April 1st 2014 and includes Volunteer Reserves, Mobilised Reserves, High Readiness Reserves, Officer Training Corps support and training staff and Officers under training.

Numbers are rounded which means some of the percentages don’t appear to be correct but the figures in the table are exactly as provided by Defence Statistics. The only change I have made is correcting a spelling mistake in the Arm/Service column.

The exact wording on rounding from the release is

Please note the total strengths have been rounded to 10, numbers ending in “5” have been rounded to the nearest multiple of 20 to prevent systematic bias. Totals and sub totals have been rounded separately and so may not appear to be the sum of their parts

Statisticians eh!

I have sorted them on the percentage column, seems like we have plenty of Staff Officers and lawyers but a bit short of vets and PTI’s

Arm/Service Current Strength FR20 Requirement Strength as a % of Requirement
Staff Officers (Officers in the rank of full Colonel or above)                             110                                   68 156%
Adjutant General’s Corps (Army Legal Service)                               10                                   12 108%
Household Cavalry/Royal Armoured Corps                             980                             1,204 82%
Infantry                         4,750                             5,993 79%
Adjutant General’s Corps (Staff Personnel Support)                             500                                 685 74%
Royal Engineers                         1,910                             2,637 72%
Royal Signals                         1,460                             2,056 71%
Small Arms School Corps                               10                                   14 71%
Royal Army Chaplains Department                               50                                   75 68%
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers                         1,370                             2,127 64%
Royal Artillery                         1,410                             2,286 62%
Adjutant General’s Corps (Provost)                             320                                 544 59%
Royal Logistic Corps                         3,460                             5,858 59%
Royal Army Medical Corps                         1,450                             2,596 56%
Queen Alexandria’s Royal Army Nursing Corps                             600                             1,122 53%
Intelligence Corps                             600                             1,403 43%
Royal Army Dental Corps                               30                                 108 28%
Army Air Corps                             120                                 572 21%
Adjutant General’s Corps (Education Training Service)                               40                                 233 18%
Royal Army Physical Training Corps                               10                                   66 12%
Royal Army Veterinary Corps                               10                                 342 3%
Adjutant General’s Corps (Unspecified)                               40                                    – 0%
Corps of Army Music                               50                                    – 0%
Other                             100                                    – 0%


The totals presented were, the Army Reserve is currently at 65% of the FR20 requirement




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