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Beyond the Boxer 50 Cal

Is the 12.7mm/.50cal Heavy Machine Gun (that will arm UK Boxers) enough firepower for a vehicle that will form the vehicular backbone of the British

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The Command Post Environment

The accusation that the British Army is wedded to massive tent cities, resistant to any kind of imaginative thinking and meaningful change, is both unfair

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Slide Sledge

Proving that there is no subject too niche for me to write about, a post about hammers. OK, it is not about hammers, it is

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Drones in a Box

The previous post looked at the dimensional constraints and compatibility issues of putting drones in tubes, this one will look at drones in boxes. [OK,

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Tube Launched UAS

As small UAS (drones) become more capable and ubiquitous there will be a focus on maturing and developing the means of storage, carriage and deployment.

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Long Reads (Proposals and History)

Submarine Escape and Rescue

When submerged, submarines may be subject to enemy action, mechanical failure, collision and other accidents that mean it is immobilised and unable to surface. Escape and Rescue are key capabilities. NATO maintains a 24×7 globally deployable submarine rescue capability, based in Scotland.

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Atlantic Conveyor embarking a Sea Harrier in the UK

The Atlantic Conveyor

The Atlantic Conveyor was built on the Tyne by Swan Hunter and delivered to Cunard in 1970 as part of their contribution to the Atlantic

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Complex Weapons (Reference)

SPEAR Missile System

The SPEAR missile system will be the primary precision stand-off air to ground weapon for the UK’s F-35 Lightning II fighters Share on twitter Twitter

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Storm Shadow Missile

Storm Shadow is the RAF’s long range stand-off precision guided cruise missile, due to be replaced by the Future Cruise and Anti-Ship Weapon (FCASW) by

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Brimstone Guided Missile

The Brimstone missiles is a potent and precision guided anti-armour missile that arms RAF Typhoons and Protectors Share on twitter Twitter Share on facebook Facebook

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