The MTT-136 is an electric all-terrain tracked ‘tug unit’ that can be used singly or connected, and operated as a ride on or via remote controls, used to push, pull or carry.

Although only at early production to the individual order stage, I have been watching this progress for several years, going from an idea and early prototypes to a mature but low-rate production-ready unit.

The unit is a single-track device, powered by several lithium-ion battery packs. 1 battery provides up to 4 hours (35 km) runtime, with three allowing up to 12 hours of runtime or 105 km range. The system can also be used to provide export power for power tools or other battery charging. Batteries can be quickly swapped.

At 50 feet (ca. 15 m), noise levels are a very low 55dBA, and it is equipped with lights, towing hitches and a winch.

With all three batteries fitted, it weighs just under 300 kg, yet can tow a total of 450 kg in off-road conditions, at a maximum speed of 18kph. Performance is better on flat, firm ground.

It can pull a sled or trailer

One of the more interesting aspects of the design is the ability to connect multiple units for a greater payload. They can be connected inline (like a snake), side by side, or in a quad configuration.

Side by Side



Control is via an onboard joystick, wireless line of sight joystick, or using a tether.

This feature might be especially useful for dismounted personnel.

I think it is an interesting and smart Ski-Doo/quad bike alternative, read more at the link and videos on their YouTube channel

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  1. ShakeyRider

    After 25yrs of military and foreign service, FINALLY an all electric work horse that operates in austere’, non-permissive, rugged, remote areas in which special operators can achieve rapid mission success! The silhouette is optimal at 2′ x 2′ frontal and 2′ x 7′ side view with minimal FLIR detection. Fitted with solar or wind driven recharging capabilities, it is the infinite light infantry vehicle of the future. Potential is unparalleled.

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