Those of a certain age might fondly remember Wolfgang Meier’s bratty wagon, and proving that a man must have his hobbies, my good friend Ogden Dowcett has updated the famous blue van for today’s battlefield :)

The Boxer Bratty Wagon

As can be seen, grilled sausages and beer can now be had in a fully protected Boxer Module, surely a concept whose time has come.

The design incorporates an ingenious fold-out step (have you seen how big a Boxer is)

Users can also choose a number of options, brass or stainless-steel taps for example.

Resupply is through the rear ramp

And it is fully fitted with cooking fume extraction and running hot and cold water.

Read more about Wolfgang at this LINK or watch the video

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  1. Orlok

    Hold on a minute! What about an ice cream van? Two choc ices and a 99 please!

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