Army 2020 Protected Mobility Vehicle Conversion Contract

The title of the contract note is

Converting Protected Mobility Vehicles to Support A2020 Force Structures.

The details

Armoured military vehicles. Armoured military vehicles.

To provide Fleet Conversion services for the Army’s Protected Mobility (PM) fleet of vehicles to achieve the correct variant mix to meet the requirements of the Army 2020 (A2020) Force Development Strategy, against the following vehicle types, hereafter known as ‘The Platforms’.

  • Mastiff – All variants
  • Ridgback – All variants
  • Wolfhound – All variants

Fleet Conversion

Currently envisaged deliverables to include, but not be limited to:

  • Mastiff Troop Carrying Variant (MAS TCV) to Mastiff Enhanced Communications Variant (MAS ECV) Conversion
  • Ridgback Troop Carrying Variant (RBK TCV) to Ridgback Command Variant (RBK CV) Conversion
  • Wolfhound Explosive Ordinance Disposal (WHD EOD) variant to Wolfhound Military Working Dog (WHD MWD) variant Conversion
  • Mastiff 1 to Mastiff 2 Conversion

Management and Reporting:

  • Reports and meeting administration
  • Liaison with the Authority
  • Preparing programmes and allocating resources
  • Managing sub-contractors
  • Maintaining performance against targets and reporting progress
  • Support to vehicle trials, inspection and acceptance events as directed
  • Analysing trials results and producing reports

Design and Development:

Converted vehicles shall meet the agreed vehicle specification for that variant supplied to the Contractor by the Authority

Design, manufacture and fitment of vehicle conversion kits

  • Provide a Fleet Conversion Delivery Plan
  • Designing and developing hardware and/or software
  • Preparing, producing and issuing hardware and software specifications
  • Provide an Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) / Through Life Support (TLS) impact report for the converted fleet
  • Rectifying existing defects requiring repair discovered during conversion
  • Undertake and record vehicle receipt and delivery inspections
  • Inclusion of modification kits as part of the vehicle conversions

Licences, Permits and Approvals

Shall be responsible for maintaining up to date:

  • Export Licences
  • Work permits and visas where applicable
  • End user certificates
  • International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)
  • Retransfer Agreements (linked to ITAR)

Certificate and correct Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA)

  • Maintaining appropriate security standards and certifications at all its sites
  • Any other licence that is pertinent to the conduct of this Contract

Risk and Opportunity Management Plan

To be responsible for implementing and maintaining a risk management process that shall be detailed in the Contractor’s Risk and Opportunity Management Plan.

Design Authority

To act as the Design Authority (DA) for the platform conversions and underwrite any design, development and modifications to the platforms converted.

Document Management

The Contractor shall retain, make new and maintain all documentation generated during Fleet Conversion and supplied to the Authority on completion of the contract. The contractor shall inform the Authority and provide the necessary information where there is a need to update the AESP.

Configuration Control

The Contractor shall maintain Configuration Control of all documentation they produce, updated to reflect the agreed drawings build standard. The Contractor shall maintain Configuration Control of all parts they produce and fit to the converted vehicles to reflect the agreed drawings, build standard and provide record copies to the Authority.

Obsolescence Management

The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining a register of components at risk of obsolescence notifying and recommending alternatives to the Authority.

Quality Management

The Contractor shall provide a Quality Management System in accordance with its Quality Management Strategy and provide a Quality Management Plan to convert the vehicles. The Contractor must be certified to ISO9001:2008 (or equivalent) by a UKAS 3rd party.

Safety and Environmental Management

The Contractor shall provide a proactive Safety and Environmental Management System and raise, review and issue Contractor-generated Safety Notices to the Authority.

Reference Equipment

To hold and manage all Reference Equipment supplied as Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), and be responsible for the care and maintenance of all loaned MoD Equipment, for the sole purpose of executing design services where required.

Project Advice and Assistance

To provide the Authority with advice and assistance for the platforms, also to provide technical information and assistance to agencies authorised by the Authority, keeping the Authority informed of any key decisions.

Expected cost £30.552 million

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