Innovation in the Littoral


Whilst we have been talking about patrol vessels and other water-based subjects various designs and suggestions have been floated (see what I did there) but they were all characterised as being not of these shores.

Whilst the large naval and complex ship design sector might have its problems the small craft sector is very much alive and well with lots of innovation and export success.

A few favourites…

Holyhead Marine make the Royal Marines Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) and MoD Police boats

Griffon Hoverwork have a wide range of very successful hovercraft including the new 2400TD’s, also in service with the Royal Marines

They have also been a large part of the effort to produce the PACSCAT fast landing craft currently under development.

Alnmaritec, perhaps not as well-known as the others but great success as a boat builder and designer, if you look at recent pictures of HMS Protector you will see a small landing craft, from Alnmaritec.

Meercat Workboats, although not in service with the armed forces the Meercat RT Workboat is a fantastic bit of design. The RT stands for road transportable; the boat can be split in two for ease of road transport.

Mustang Marine design and manufacture a range of RIB’s that are used in the most arduous conditions.

Finally (and there are many more) is my all-time favourite, C-Truck

The CTruck 20 is a workboat designed to support the ever-growing offshore wind industry but it has a number of very interesting features. A composite hull is combined with Rolls Royce waterjets/vector stick control systems and a very clever modular pod arrangement with a sliding wheelhouse that can be reconfigured to suit a number of different roles.

And if that isn’t cool enough check out the CTruck Avenger amphibious rescue vehicle that can be launched and recovered from the rear ramp of the workboat.

C-Truck also have a SWATH hull form in development, the C-Truck Whisper

So these aren’t in the same league as the modules on the LCS Let’s not forget that Blighty is still capable of innovation and intelligent design.

Military applications?

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