A Rather Large Canal

No, not Suez, the Panama widening or even the one proposed for Nicaragua.

This one is in the Middle East.

The 950km long Salman Canal will link the Arabian Gulf with the Arabian Sea, 630km in Saudi Arabia and 320km in Yemen. The Arab Century Centre for Studies that has proposed the canal said it will be 150 metres wide and 25 metres deep, allowing Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to export their oil and gas, avoiding the Strait of Hormuz, the same Straits with all those awkward geopolitical issues.

An alternative route avoids Yemen and goes through Oman instead.

Salman Canal

They estimate the canal will cost $80 Billion, much of the cost due to the 700m above sea level obstacles in Oman and Yemen.

It is only a proposal at this stage but like pipelines, it could have a significant impact on the politics of the region.



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