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A Rather Large Canal

No, not Suez, the Panama widening or even the one proposed for Nicaragua. This one is in the Middle East. The 950km long Salman Canal

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The Management of Savagery

The Management of Savagery” is much more than the A-Z of how to establish a caliphate, it is an Islamist justification for the use of violence and in particular of exemplary violence for political (religious) ends. If Afghanistan was about Armed Politics according to Emile Simpson then what we are looking at with “The Management of Savagery” is as much Armed Evangelisation as it is caliphate building according to Abu Bakr Naji.

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UK Aid Destined for Iraq

A collection of images from Brize Norton showing humanitarian aid being loaded onto RAF C130 Hercules aircraft in preparation for air dropping over Iraq. Included

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