The UK’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF)


The UK’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) launched on 01 April 2015. This new funding instrument has replaced the Conflict (Prevention) Pool. The UK has allocated CSS Funds for Iraq.

The CSSF is one part of a broader approach to UK prioritisation in fragile and conflict affected states, and it is governed by the UK’s National Security Council (NSC).

The CSSF will support delivery of the UK’s Building Stability Overseas Strategy (BSOS), the National Security Strategy 2010, and the Strategic Defence and Security Review, using the full range of UK government capabilities and expertise in tackling conflict, instability and insecurity. The Fund will build upon the successful activity of the Conflict Pool, expanding to include a wider range of activities and approaches across government.

Compared to the Conflict Pool, the CSSF has a more of a top-down approach with more NSC oversight and an emphasis on in-county impact. The Conflict Pool was more bottom-up with Posts receiving bids from partners and these then being tailored to Post’s objectives. The CSSF will encourage fewer, larger, more strategic effects which complement existing HMG in-country efforts, while at the same time maintaining the ability to fund more experimental pilot, and high risk ventures.

IRAQ AND THE CSSF In Iraq, the CSSF will mainly focus on stabilisation activities which have the potential to have a significant across three thematic areas: Political Reconciliation; Community Cohesion and Security. Approx 80% of Iraq’s CSSF allocation will be targeted at eligible Official Development Assistance (ODA) activity.

CALLS FOR BIDS – IRAQ We expect to announce targeted Calls for Bids two to three times per year. The dates for these Calls are not fixed annually. These Calls will provide further information on the thematic area and issues that we hope to address and the criteria that we will use to evaluate bids.

Please note that the CSSF is just one of a number of UK programme funds. The British Embassy Baghdad may advertise calls for bids for different priority areas including but not limited to – Human Rights and Democracy (the next call for bids for Financial Year 16/17 projects will take place at the end of 2015); Prosperity and Bilateral projects.

After the recent PQ that revealed the UK has deployed Gender Advisers to help the Kurds, yes, those Kurds, it is really hard to avoid banging one’s head against the desk at the disconnect between well-intentioned, achingly political correct terminology, and the reality.

The revised, refreshed and renamed conflict prevention doesn’t disappoint and gets off to a cracking start with a couple of calls for bids.

NOW OPEN – Political Reconciliation Call for Bids – Deadline 22 July 2015 Click here for more details.

NOW OPEN – Community Cohesion Call for Bids – Deadline 29 July 2015 Click here for more details.

Dare you to read them, double dare you!.

Remember folks, this is inside the MoD’s budget tent now, roll on 2% of GDP by spending on community cohesion projects in Iraq and gender training for the Kurds.

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