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Cloud Cuckoo Land

One of the greatest problems with UK defence and security policy is the complete and utter disconnect between aspirations and reality. Having successively cut the

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Slim Pickings in Iraq

Below is an extract from a recent MoD update on RAF operations over Iraq; 25 January: a Reaper was once again on patrol over northern

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RAF Tornado GR4's at RAF Akrotiri Cyprus being armed with the Paveway IV Laser Guided Bomb.

OP SHADER Pictures and Video

A collection of images and videos from Operation SHADER, the UK operation against ISIS, in Iraq. RAF Tornado aircraft armed with Paveway IV precision guided

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The Twitter Fight Against ISIS

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms are revolutionising the way conflicts are reported upon, influenced and to record events as they happen. Real time

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UK Aid Destined for Iraq

A collection of images from Brize Norton showing humanitarian aid being loaded onto RAF C130 Hercules aircraft in preparation for air dropping over Iraq. Included

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