EOD Tasks


This FOI published a few weeks ago really surprised me. It shows the number of EOD tasks carried out by the Army and Royal Navy for the last few years in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

EOD Tasks

It goes on to explain the difference between IED’s and Conventional Munitions

Conventional Munitions Disposal tasks consist of World War Two bombs or munitions such as small arms and grenades. Improvised Explosive Device tasks are normally non-military improvised devices created to cause injury or death. Around 25% of Conventional Munitions Disposal and about 50% of Improvised Explosive Device tasks did not require destruction as they had already been made safe or were false alarms.

Even taking into account the devices that did not require destruction that is still a lot of deployments.

Service personnel quietly going about their dangerous business out of the limelight, don’t know about you, but I am pretty glad they are there.

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