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How an Army Prints Maps

Geographic survey and cartography is about more than just printing maps but despite the plethora of electronic displays available, they still need to be printed

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Water Beyond the Shore

Look at any of the marketing material for any new combat vessel these days and there is always a reference to the potable water generation

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3D Printing Buildings

Back in the deepest archives at TD Towers is a 2011 post on 3D printing for buildings and field fortifications using a technique called contour crafting.

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Faun have introduced a new product called the HGMS-IV, or Heavy Ground Mobility System – Independent Variant. HGMS is the heavy variant of the familiar

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EOD Tasks

This FOI published a few weeks ago really surprised me. It shows the number of EOD tasks carried out by the Army and Royal Navy

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A Pier at La Panne

I have been rather remiss in not writing anything about Dunkirk but with so much great material out there it is hard to produce anything

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