Campaigning for an increase in defence funding


What is the definition of insanity, one A. Einstein Esq. had the answer?


And yet here we are in the run up to the National Security Strategy, Strategic Defence and Security and Comprehensive Spending reviews, the same thing being done by the same people over and over and bloody well over again.

With a depressing monotony the same tired cliches are trotted out about cutting into the bone, taking risks with Britain’s defence and making the country vulnerable to terrorism and rampaging hordes of new Russian tanks. The same talking heads, former officers, think tanks and media commentators talk of the sky falling in and the end of the free world as we know unless spending is maintained.

The latest, again, an echo from previous reviews, is to indulge in an unedifying grab for overseas development aid budget. For the record, clearly there is something quite wrong with much overseas development assistance spending, but scratching around trying to grab a few quid here or there in order to fund defence is not the answer.

The term ‘clutching at straws’ springs to mind.

If there is to be a successful strategy for maintaining spending, or even increasing it, there has to be an alternative to crying wolf, because every 5 hears we hear about wolves that fail to materialise and so those doing the crying, are seen to be devoid of any credibility, whatsoever.

Politicians will simply tune out the background noise being generated by well meaning people with real concerns.

I don’t know what that strategy might be, I don’t have the answers, but I know one thing, the current strategy is a failing strategy.

As Winston put it…

Churchill strategy

Those interested in, and concerned for the UK’s defence, must find a better strategy than warning of grave consequences that never seem to materialise.


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