The B and C Vehicle Fleet


The MoD designates vehicles as A, B or C type. A Challenger 2 is an A Vehicle, Land Rover a B Vehicle and JCB 3CX a C Vehicle, for example.The actual definitions are as follows;

A Vehicle; a tracked or wheeled armoured combat land vehicle primarily designed for offensive purposes and a specialist vehicle derived from these basic designs

B Vehicle; These are split into

Green Fleet

A soft skinned tracked or wheeled land vehicle, self propelled or towed, commercial or general service. which is not primarily designed for offensive purposes but which may in some cases be armoured for defensive purposes, and which is otherwise specifically defined. Green Fleet are deployable assets.

White Fleet (procured and managed within the Field Army)

All other categories of B Vehicle not categorised as Green Fleet which in the main, are in delivery livery.

C Vehicle; a wheeled or tracked item of earth moving equipment, either self propelled or towed; all self mobile, self steering, purpose made cranes, cable laying ploughs; all industrial and agricultural and rough terrain fork lift tractors, excluding warehouse tractors

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