VetiGel – Stop Bleeding in Seconds


VetiGel is a plant based polymer formulated to stop bleeding in seconds.

Obviously, stemming blood loss resulting from a wound is an important part of the medics trade so anything new is always worth a look

VetiGel has been developed by Suneris in the USA and is currently being marketed at vets as they work on human trials.

They say;

Our gel technology is durable and bioresorbable. After the gel has controlled bleeding at the site of injury, the accompanying solidifying agent is applied to solidify the gel and form a long-lasting protective barrier over the wound. Because our plant-based gel technology is biocompatible, it facilitates options and flexibility in follow-up care. Once the gel is secured as a single mass by the solidifying agent, it can either be removed or left in place to safely resorb.

Watch the video below to see how effective it looks.

In addition to the rapid action one of the key selling points is the ease of application and non specialised storage required.

Invented by a 17 year apparently, bloody kids today!

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