The Twitter Fight Against ISIS

Improvised Armroured Vehicle

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media platforms are revolutionising the way conflicts are reported upon, influenced and to record events as they happen.

Real time intelligence is possible to extract and the impact of a single image tweeted around the world cannot be underestimated. Don’t get me wrong, one cannot defeat a hardened enemy with a harsh tweet and sifting the rubbish and deliberately misleading from the genuinely insightful or useful is an almost impossible task, but, with the right tools, intelligence and local understanding I think Twitter (and others) are genuinely useful and worthy of investment for the military intelligence community.

Have always said recce by Facebook was the next big thing!

So, in the fight against ISIS (or whatever we are calling them this week) a Twitter account I think worth following.

Gudaw English

Your gateway to Kurdistan and middle east. Providing the latest news and information from the region.

Can include graphic content

Some interesting individual tweets


Hamo and Coldkurd are also interesting


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