The Cost of a Commando

French and Royal Marines on Exercise Together

The MoD publish all the Freedom of Information requests they receive and often they reveal interesting things.

There was a recent request about the capitation rate of a Parachute Regiment soldier and as a follow up, another for a Royal Marine

The capitation rate for a basic Royal Marine Commando for Financial year 2014-2015 will be  £30,510.00 this includes pay, National Insurance and pension contributions. The capitation rate does not include unit costs or career training costs.

What is interesting from these is the different language used in the two responses separated by only a few weeks.

The capitation rate for a member of the Parachute Regiment in Financial Year 2014/15 is £43,168. This includes Pensionable and non-Pensionable Pay, Earnings-Related National Insurance Contributions (ERNIC) and Superannuation Charges Adjusted for Past Experience (SCAPE).

We are in the pre SDSR silly season, expect the usual service centric shenanigans.

Let the games commence.

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