The Cover of Night – Gone?

The continued development of technology generally sees it reduce in cost on a gradual incline as alternative markets and uses are found that lead to increased volume. Other times, disruptive technology appears that leapfrogs existing norms.

Raytheon have just announced a breakthrough in low cost thermal imaging and I wonder if this is one of those disruptive technologies, disruptive not because of its capability but in its cost.

The end of the flashlight.

A new technology used by Raytheon, “wafer-level packaging,” dramatically reduces the cost of making these thermal sensors. The advances could – for the first time – put a thermal weapons sight in the hands of every soldier in a platoon. But the commercial and law-enforcement uses are endless, too, developers say.

Proliferation of this technology is guaranteed which means it will increasingly find its way into the kind of opposing forces that would not normally have access to effective ‘night vision’ devices.

A real challenge.

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