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Science Fiction Soldiers

Watch any science fiction film and the soldiers always seem to have a heads up display where information is fused seamlessly and presented to the

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Ropes and ladders

Watch this video all the way through, incredible moves by the Japanese fire rescue teams with their very cooperative casualties. and then this one It

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Helmand – Number of Shots Fired

Some interesting figures on ammunition expenditure and cost range for operations in Afghanistan. The cost depends on individual ammunition natures and contract costs. Quantities include

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FN M3M Support Contract

The MoD have issued a contract to FN Herstal SA Machine guns. The International Guns, Missiles and Rockets team, part of the UK Ministry of

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An A2 Replacement?

It’s no secret that the A2 has had a hard few years, with prolonged use in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s also ironic that after many

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The AirTEP

The Tactical Extraction Platform from Escape International in France is designed to carry up to 10 personnel, providing facilities for them to be rapidly extracted.

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