A One Sided Partnership


As we all know, the British Army Watchkeeper UAV system has been developed by a consortium of companies, U-Tacs (Elbit) and Thales, in roughly equal ownership.

Thales are a French company head-quartered in Paris

The French government own 27% of Thales and the public sector, 26%

Dassault also own 26% of Thales

Dassault are owned in roughly equal proportions by Airbus and Dassault Group

The French government owns about 12% of Airbus

The French Véhicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie (VBCI) vehicle is built by Nexter (formaly GIAT) and Renault Defence.

Nexter are owned by the French Government

Can you see a common thread here?

There has been lots of talk of the French buying the Thales Watchkeeper if the UK buys the Nexter VBCI.

The latest news is that Watchkeeper, which had previously not been destined for deployment in Afghanistan, because, why would you, may well be now on after all. That deployment, reportedly, will also include French personnel.

Are we really going to fall for this scam where the main winner is the French taxpayer and government, encouraged by the spivs in Government and the current generation of Army leaders going weak kneed at what the French did in Mali with the VBCI?




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