Sandbagging in Somerset

In the absence of being able to do anything useful the Government has held multiple COBRA meeting and no doubt come up with the cunning plan of deploying the armed forces, filed under ‘something must be done’

Under the headline ‘Royal Marines Deploy to Flood Hit Somerset’ the MoD has responded by supplying a small group of Royal Marines as unskilled general labour to drop in a handful of sand bags. A job that could have been done by almost anyone.

At best, this is pure tokenism, at worse, taking advantage of the armed forces and using them as a fig leaf for political and practical inaction on the part of others.

Personally I find it rather shabby although fair play to those involved, no doubt doing the job they have been asked to do with good cheer.

Love the fishing for compliments piece at the end of the video though, the RN PR machine will be swinging into action as we speak, expect a Twitterbook onslaught :)

See an earlier piece on the Somerset Floods and MoD response options

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