Merlin HM2 – Plus £30m

Something in this weeks contract news caught my eye.

We know the Royal Navy Merlin fleet is getting an upgrade to HM2 standard and I have commented before that this did not include an electro optical turret or DAS,

Lockheed Martin have been awarded a contract extension to address the gaps

The Merlin Helicopter is currently undergoing a major upgrade to introduce a new mission system. The contract for this programme was awarded to Lockheed Martin (UK) in 2005 for the delivery of Merlin Mk2 helicopters through modification to the existing Merlin Mk1 fleet. Part of the contracted scope is the introduction of a fully integrated camera system and a defensive aids suite into the existing complex mission system design but installed on a very limited proportion of the fleet. The object of this contract amendment is to increase the number of aircraft equipped with defensive aids, to be completed concurrently with the existing upgrade, and to include the systems in the aircraft training simulators.

£30m please, on top of the £750m for the 30 airframe upgrade

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