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Huge Soviet Helicopters

Soviet Russia produced a range of huge transport helicopters that broke many records, most of which stand today. This lineage culminated in the Mil-26 that

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The Demonstration and Manufacture contract for CROWSNEST has been confirmed. Lockheed Martin UK Ltd Merlin MK 2 Helicopter — Crowsnest Demonstration and Manufacture. Anti submarine

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Landing Legs

DARPA never fail to impress, their latest is right out of a Sci-Fi movie, landing legs for helicopters. Helicopters are incredibly maneuverable in the air,

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UK AH-64E Apache Guardian

The UK has requested that Boeing upgrade 50 of it’s Westland AH-64D Attack Helicopters to the AH-64E Guardian configuration costing $3 Billion sale

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Royal Navy CROWSNEST Decision

In what I think is the first post-election major project announcement the MoD have today confirmed that an updated Thales Cerberus system has been selected for

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The AirTEP

The Tactical Extraction Platform from Escape International in France is designed to carry up to 10 personnel, providing facilities for them to be rapidly extracted.

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