Lasers a Go Go

Maritime laser

Must admit to not covering lasers a great deal but the US (and Germany for some inexplicable reason) seem to be pushing forward.

The US Navy plans to deploy a solid state laser test system aboard the USS Ponce this year

The eye opening quotation from that video is at the beginning, a couple of dollars per shot combined with a couple of hundred thousand dollars per shot for missiles.




This video from General Atomics, paints of course a rosy picture, but the concept is interesting, lasers in support of SEAD/DEAD missions and a glimpse of their potential in the Air to Air role. Imagine a group of networked unmanned aircraft providing mutually supporting fire with onboard lasers then the bomb trucks tucking in behind.

Rheinmetall are developing a laser system

This is based on combining multiple laser sources and has been tested in various forms and on various platforms

Boxer HEL
Boxer HEL

HEL_Air-Defence-HEL-Effector-30kW HEL_Mobile-HEL-Effector-Container

Read more here and here

Where is the UK on this game changing paradigm shifting technology?

H/T Eric

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