GMLRS All at Sea

IMI Trigon

I always like to speculate about the possibility and all round utility of putting a GMLRS on one of her Majesty’s War Canoes

I am not alone either.

A post Libya Janes Defence Weekly reported on a Royal Navy lessons learned document in which the two major shortcomings were a lack of precision land attack capability and organic unmanned ISR.

Janes quoted Colonel Pierson RM, the Deputy Director of NATO Operations in Libya;

It was evident that the Libya campaign showed the need for precision fires, [perhaps the Lockheed Martin] Guided Multiple Rocket Launch System (GMLRS), from the sea base, deep into enemy littoral territory.

We have discussed this many times.

I think this is rather a large deficiency and would enable a reduction in reliance on air power to deliver over the shore attack.

Of course, we are as poor as church mice with a Wonga loan so any development costs of putting GMLRS onto a frigate, destroyer or even amphibious vessel would increase the overall programme cost significantly. Others have pointed to exhaust gas management and corrosion as being significant barriers.

We have also discussed how the Army Fire Shadow Loitering Munition would have a great deal of maritime utility (I think more than in a land environment) and whether the Type 26 and associated programme for a medium calibre gun system with precision munitions could fill the gap.

With these in mind I thought I would just throw in an of off the shelf system for discussion.


The TRIGON is a large system. The rocket has a diameter of 306mm compared to the 227mm of the MLRS/GMLRS although much smaller than the 610mm ATACMS. It must be noted that the ATACMS can use the standard MLRS/GMLRS launch modules

IMI Trigon
IMI Trigon

Trigon uses the Long Range EXTRA rockets from IMI

CEP is not brilliant at 10m but with a large 120kg payload and 150km range, arguably, it doesn’t need sub metre accuracy.

I have also read a number of reports that the Republic of Korea will use the Hanwah Corporation LOGIR seeker on a 130mm MLRS type rocket to be made by Lig Nex 1.

So there you go

What is stopping us?

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