CTruk Thor

CTruk Thor

From the manufacturer

CTruk’s composite 11m Twin Hulled Offshore Raider is based on a proven offshore support vessel design and offers a stable catamaran platform with the company’s (patent-applied) flexible deck formation giving true multi-role capability. The base vessel can be configured as; Force Protection Craft, with a remote weapon system controlled from within the craft; Troop Carrier, with a focus on safe and efficient transport of troops to other vessels or beaches; or Riverine, a patrol vessel configuration providing extra fire power with quick response and high manoeuvrability features. The CTruk THOR Force Protection Craft variant incorporates a range of high-tech equipment provided by the CTruk CAP (Collaborative Amphibious Project) consortium.

As nifty as it looks (although not convinced about the personnel egress facilities and open plan version) it cannot hope to be as cool as CTruk’s other products

The world loves modules

Well, I do anyway!

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