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An Inflatable Landing Craft

Exhibited at Seawork International by Henshaw Inflatables  and marketed by Superyacht Tenders and Toys was a smart craft called the iLC (inflatable Landing Craft). It

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The CTruk Thor

In the recent Type 26 GCS project I wrote that the new adaptable mission bay could accommodate a 12m vessel weighing up to 15 tonnes, somewhat

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Remote Control Boats

From BAE, in conjunction with ASV; Unmanned technology with the potential to change the face of naval operations within a decade has successfully been demonstrated

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Meercat Workboat

Meercat Workboat for BAE

We often think that civilian shipbuilding in the UK is something to read about in history books but for smaller vessels like workboats, RIB’s and

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Nauti Craft

Offshore Suspension

The Royal Marines have a number of Holyhead Marine Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC) and very impressive machines they are too. Well armed, fast, armoured. But.

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CTruk Thor

CTruk Thor

From the manufacturer CTruk’s composite 11m Twin Hulled Offshore Raider is based on a proven offshore support vessel design and offers a stable catamaran platform

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