Leeds in the Littoral

Type 23 Frigate HMS_Sutherland_(F81)_MoD

Ones of those amorphous definitions that seem to change depending on your viewpoint is the ‘littoral’

Whilst catching up with a spot of Twitter this evening I saw this being re-tweeted

Importance of the littoral : 61% of world’s total Gross National Income comes from within 100 km of the coastline

Why not 200, or 5, or 5?

So, off to Google Map Tools.

Two other definitions

1. A coastal region; a shore.

2. The region or zone between the limits of high and low tides.

So by the Tweet definition, proclaiming 100km as within the littoral, it would seem the residents of Leeds are now in a coastal region.

Is this another example of using dodgy and misleading statistics to reinforce a point of view, clutching at straws in order to desperately make your perspective sound impressive or just a reasonable statement of fact?

We are an island as well you know :)

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