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RN’s Littoral Gap?

A guest post by Repulse… I’ve just finished reading the excellent “Night Action” by Captain Peter Dickens which tells the story of his experiences in WWII as a MBT Flotilla commander. In my view it is a good example of…

Hampshire Police Catamaran

A couple of great photographs from John Amblers Flickr photostream They have recently been delivered from Southboats, another small craft builder of some distinction. Click here for the brochure. This seems to be a vibrant and innovative sector.

Innovation in the Littoral

Whilst we have been talking about patrol vessels and other water based subjects various designs and suggestions have been floated (see what I did there) but they were all characterised as being not of these shores. Whilst the large naval…

Leeds in the Littoral

Royal Marines Griffon 2400TD Hovercraft and Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC)
Ones of those amorphous definitions that seems to change depending on your viewpoint is the ‘littoral’ Whilst catching up with a spot of twitter this evening I saw this being re-tweeted Importance of the littoral : 61% of world’s total…