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Three for Type 26

Three interesting stories this week that are type 26 Frigate related, kind of; Excalibur Raytheon has successfully fired their 5″/127mm Excalibur N5 precision guided projectile

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Programme Costs

One the Open Thread there was some discussion about the Type 26 and recent revelations of its estimated Programme Cost of £11.5 billion. There was

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FN M3M Support Contract

The MoD have issued a contract to FN Herstal SA Machine guns. The International Guns, Missiles and Rockets team, part of the UK Ministry of

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Fishing for Statistics

Defence Stats always produce fascinating, detailed and comprehensive work. Released this week is a compendium of fisheries protection related information; This is an annual publication

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EOD Tasks

This FOI published a few weeks ago really surprised me. It shows the number of EOD tasks carried out by the Army and Royal Navy

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