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Offensive Mining

In all our recent discussions and posts on mine countermeasures I have completely ignored the subject of offensive mining but the recent BALTOPS exercise included

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Exercise ARDENT DEFENDER is a multi national search and EOD exercise hosted by Canada on the west coast. Held annually, Exercise ARDENT DEFENDER improves participants’

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3 Million Cubic Metres

The MoD have awarded a £30m contract to Westminster Boskalis for dredging the 4-5 mile approach channel of Portsmouth in order to accommodate the larger

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Adventures in Commonality

What is commonality? An interesting question in its own right, the dictionary definition is The state of sharing features or attributes. In a defence context,

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Royal Navy CROWSNEST Decision

In what I think is the first post-election major project announcement the MoD have today confirmed that an updated Thales Cerberus system has been selected for

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