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Storm Shadow Missile

Storm Shadow is the RAF’s long range stand-off precision guided cruise missile, due to be replaced by the Future Cruise and Anti-Ship Weapon (FCASW) by

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SPEAR Missile System

The SPEAR missile system will be the primary precision stand-off air to ground weapon for the UK’s F-35 Lightning II fighters Share on twitter Twitter

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F-15 2040C

Boeing has proposed a series if upgrades to the F-15C to supplement the small numbers of F-22’s and extend the production line once their order for

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Stocking up on Paveway IV

The MoD has let another contract to Raytheon for more Paveway IV Precision Guided Bombs The Secretary of State for Defence (the Authority) acting through

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Hard Sums Ahead for SPEAR Cap 3

THIS POST HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH Selective Precision Effects at Range (SPEAR) Capability 3 is the name for a set of requirements for an

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Typhoon Common Weapon Launcher

Getting ready for Tornado out of service and continued evolution of the aircraft with Brimstone, Storm Shadow, Paveway IV, Meteor and E-Scan radar, the Typhoon

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