Reaper and Mr Dual Mode Brimstone

Reaper and Brimstone

MBDA and the Big Safari programme have released a handful of images of recent firing trials of the Dual Mode Brimstone from a Reaper unmanned aircraft.

MBDA has successfully demonstrated its Dual Mode BRIMSTONE missile on an MQ-9 REAPER Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), scoring nine direct hits against a range of targets including very high speed and manoeuvring vehicles.

Dual Mode BRIMSTONE is the combat proven weapon of choice for the engagement of moving and manoeuvring targets, and targets in high collateral risk / urban environments. BRIMSTONE can now provide REAPER crews with a weapon that reduces collateral damage risk and demonstrates first pass, single shot lethality against high speed manoeuvring targets on land and at sea and in complex environments.

Conducted in December 2013 and January 2014 at US Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, the trials were undertaken on behalf of the UK Ministry of Defence by the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Air Warfare Centre Unmanned Air Systems Test and Evaluation Squadron, Defence Equipment & Support Weapons Operating Centre, United States Air Force’s BIG SAFARI Organisation, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Incorporated and MBDA. All of the RAF’s primary and secondary trials objectives were met: demonstrating the integration functionality implemented, safe carriage, safe release, system targeting and end game performance whilst gathering data to support optimisation and clearance activities.

The trials began with captive carry of Avionics and Environmental Data Gathering Missiles, proving the successful integration of the two systems and gathering additional evidence to support future clearance activities. These were quickly followed by a series of live Operational Missile and inert Telemetry Missile firings.

The firings were taken from realistic ‘middle of the envelope’ profiles; typically 20,000ft release altitude and 7km – 12km plan range, with the platform being remotely piloted in operationally representative beyond line of sight (SATCOM) conditions, with tracking and designation of targets being conducted in a mixture of manual-track and auto-track modes

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 04

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 06

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 07


MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 03

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 13

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 09

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 010

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 11

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 12

MBDA Brimstone - Reaper 02

The anti armour boss marches on…

Come on USAF, just get on and buy the bloody thing.

You know it makes sense!




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