Hospital in a Box (kind of)

Have been remiss on my container story reporting of late so this one is part of my rehabilitation, a hospital in a box, or container.

The German manufacturer ELA Container Offshore has delivered a 10ft offshore container based for medical treatment in the offshore wind industry.

Injuries and diseases in offshore windfarms always mean big challenges. The WINDEAcare concept offers a holistic acute¬ and emergency medical care service. Part of that concept is a fully equipped rescue helicopter, which, however, in various cases, e.g. during bad weather conditions cannot be used. For this then upcoming need for a patient transport on an appropriate vessel this container solution has been developed as supplement by WINDEAcare partner companies. The “MEDICbox” is a mobile 10 ft ELA Container solution with DNV 2.7-1/ EN 12079-1 certification and provides an adequate alternative to flight solutions whenever medical care cannot be provided by helicopter.

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Container hospital (2)

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