Some new equipment for Gibraltar;

Two new 34’ RIB SF were delivered to HM Customs to safely conduct chases and patrols in Gibraltar’s waters.

These vessels will form part of the assets of the newly created Marine Unit. One boat, called “HMC SEARCHER”, has a cabin with a toilet, a galley, 6 seats and air conditioning system and is suitable for staying at sea for long missions. This model is powered by three Mercury Verado 300 Hp outboard motors for a top speed of over 60 knots.

The other boat, called “HMC SEEKER”, has an open air top and 6 seats, and is powered by two Mercury Verado 300 Hp outboard motors for a top speed speed of 60 knots.

Both boats have a stepped hull and are unsinkable because they are built according to FB Design patented Structural Foam® technology.

They feature thermal imaging night vision cameras to spot boats and people at sea during night missions.

My only question, why buy from Italy when the UK has a significant small boat industrial sector?


Gibraltar benefits from a Roal Navy and MoD Police presence and although the Gibraltar Police use British designed patrol vessels built in Croatia, would it not make sense for purchases made with public sector money to benefit the UK or local economy?

EU rules, free market, funding source, lowest cost and best value all have a bearing of course, but you cannot help observing that most other European nations find some way of supporting their own industries with government spending.

Perhaps I am being naive :)

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