MoD Major Projects – Not a Lot of Green?


As part of ongoing reporting and governance of Major Projects, the MoD regularly publish updates, this is the 2014 data that will provide inputs to the 2015 report.

FireShot Capture - MOD Government Major Projects Portfolio_ - the image to read in full but the RAG status of most of them does not paint a wholly happy picture.

A400M Amber/Green
Airseeker Amber/Green
Army 2020 Amber
Army Basing Programme Red
Astute Boats 1-7 Amber/Red
BORONA Amber/Green
CEPP Amber/Red
CHINOOK (incl Project Julius) Amber/Green
Complex Weapons Amber
Core Production Capability Amber
Corporate Services Systems Convergence Programme Amber
Crowsnest Programme Green
Cryptographic Enabling  Services Exempt under section 26 of the Freedom of Information Act (2000)
Defence Core Network Services Amber/Red
Defence Information Infrastructure Amber/Red
Future Reserves 2020 Red
Head Office and Customer Design Amber
Lightning II Programme Amber
Logistics Commodities Services Transformation Amber
Maritime Sustainment Programme Amber/Green
Merlin Programme Green
Mounted Close Combat Amber
Next Generation Estates Contracts Amber/Green
New Employment Model Amber
Nuclear Warhead Capability Sustainment Programme Exempt under section 24 of the Freedom of Information Act (2000)
Operating Model Rollout Amber/Green
Puma Helicopter Life Extension Programme Amber/Green
Queen Elizabeth Programme Amber/Red
Spearfish Upgrade Programme Amber/Green
Strategic Business Partner Implementation Programme Green
Submarine Enterprise Performance Programme Amber
Successor SSBN Amber/Red
The Materiel Strategy Amber/Red
Type 26 Global Combat Ship Programme Exempt under section 43 of the Freedom of Information Act (2000)
Typhoon Amber/Green
Wildcat Amber/Green
Whole Fleet Management Amber

The scoring is based on a five point system;

MPA RAG rating (A Delivery Confidence Assessment of the project at a fixed point in time, using a five-point scale, Red – Amber/Red – Amber – Amber/Green – Green; definitions in the MPA Annual Report)

Have a read of the full data set, there is loads of interesting information, especially the narratives on status and projected costs of the project, my favourite is;

The main cause of the variance is the industrial partner’s unrealistically aspirational work rate.

Read the document to see which project this is referring to!

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