An 8×8 for less than four hundred thousand million gazillion

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The Polish and Slovakian governments have agreed terms for Slovakia to purchase 30 Rosomak armoured vehicles.

From the Ministry of National Defence Republic of Poland;

Within the next three years Slovakia will buy 30 armoured vehicles Rosomak. As Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz informed on Friday, in the factory in Siemianowice Śląskie, this company will get over 120 mln zloty

The letter of intent was signed today.

Slovakia Poland Rosomak

The deal will be between the Polish Armaments Group and the Slovakian company, Electrotechnical Research Company Nova Dubnica (EPVU). The base vehicle will be a version of the Polish Rosomak (a licence built Patria AMV) fitted with a Slovakian turret and electro-optical and fire control system called the Turra 30.

A neat piece of industrial and technical cooperation that sees both counties benefit.

The Turra 30 is a 50/50 development between Slovakia and the Czech Republic designed to offer a modern upgrade path for Soviet era vehicles which can use either the Russian 2A42 or ATK Bushmaster cannon and Spike or Konkurs ATGW’s

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EPVU Turra 30 3

EPVU Turra 30 2

The KTO Rosomak has seen action in Afghanistan and is available in all the usual variants, it is widely considered to be an excellent vehicle.

All very good, but is it me, or is that price totally out of whack with our normal expectations?

Assuming the reported figures are correct, that is just over £20 million for 30 base vehicles, let’s just say three-quarters of a million each, which is not far off one-tenth of the cost of an SV Scout, give or take. Different vehicles I know, but still interesting from a comparison perspective.

Perhaps the Polish government are subsidising the deal, or it has been reported incorrectly, because to be honest, am somewhat taken abake at the numbers.

How many FV432’s are still in service?

Wonder if it meets UK specific requirements*

H/T Snafu

*That was a joke of course

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