The end of the mess tin?

mess tins

The mess tin and hexamine stove will be familiar to millions.

But technology marches on, is there a replacement that saves weight, has lower toxicity and doesn’t mean you have to spend 8 hours a day scrubbing two inches of carbon off the back?

Of course there is!

Fire Dragon from BCB International is a new(ish) fuel that has a number of advantages over hexamine; lightweight, non-toxic, high heat output, easy to light, long lasting, it is an all-round better solution.

View more videos at their YouTube channel, here

The mess tin part of the equation…

Yes they are robust, yes they used to fit neatly in 58 pattern webbing wrapped in your green towel (showing my age there) and yes they can be polished to a high shine, but what about progress?

Sea to Summit have a rather nifty collapsible silicon cooking pot that allows you to shave a few grams off the total weight, save a few cubic centimetres and above all, look like you are at the cutting edge?

View more videos at their YouTube channel, here

Maybe one day.

For those of us with a rather more laid back approach to field cuisine and access to a 24v DC power supply, there is always, of course, these :)

pot noodle

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