Don’t Worry, We Have a Fully Funded Equipment Plan (For Now)


UK Defence


The Parliamentary Defence Committee has produced a report entitled Re-thinking Defence To Meet New Threats. The report points to a number of short comings in the UK’s defence capability especially in regards to fighting a peer threat. The major basis of the report is that the defence assumptions in SDSR 2010 were wrong and urgently need to be revised.

However our current Secretary of Defence has dismissed the current report saying “the government is already Europe’s biggest defence spender and was committed to spending over £160 billion (US $239.1 billion) on equipment and support over the next 10 years.

The suggestion that we need to rebuild our defence capabilities is nonsense. Under this government we have gone from the £38 billion black hole in the defence budget that we inherited to a properly funded £34 billion annual budget. That means we have been able to commit to spending over £160 billion on equipment over the next decade to keep Britain safe — including new joint strike fighters, hunter killer submarines, two aircraft carriers and the most advanced armoured vehicles”

I am not sure if Mr Fallon is aware that a balanced budget is not a weapon and a potential adversary will care very little about the vagaries of MOD accounting and the magic £38 billion black hole.

Really sums up what currently passes for Government in the United Kingdom at the moment.

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