Not Finding Nemo

Did they actually really call this thing NEMO?

Did they actually really call this thing NEMO?


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6 Responses

  1. monkey, Melbourne’s better. :P

    How’s Sydney these days? I haven’t been back since 2001. Way overdue for a visit.

  2. @Observer
    Still bouncing back from recent events , if you turn up off the coast of Oz trying to get in without a visa you are locked up until your status can be determined however if you spout the s..t ,write the s..t and commit sex crimes the s..t head who murdered innocents, you walk around free WTF! I wonder if the lawyer who got him out on bail still sleeps well ..

  3. monkey, and the s–t of it is that in 3 months time, no one will even remember.

    Remember the Tasmanian shootings? I doubt anyone even thinks of them nowadays.

  4. Nemo is latin for “no one”, or “nobody”.

    “Finding Nemo” sounds about right for an American ASW or intelligence project.

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