Submarine Deployment

Rolldock 2

When the argument that the UK should invest in conventionally powered submarines comes up one of the objections is because they are generally seen as a defence system rather than an expeditionary system their range and endurance is limited by their propulsion system.

Now this seems more than a fair argument to me but staying in the nuclear attack submarine business means billion pound Astutes, production costs are less of course but the money going out of the bank of MoD to BAE does not make such distinctions.

We all know submarines are worth every penny because of their strategic value but if the future involves increasing operations in shallow waters those smaller conventional submarines might offer a number of advantages if only we could crack the deployment endurance issue.

So, as part of the SDSR sacred cows theme, is the wholly nuclear submarine fleet worth looking at again?

Rolldock Submarine 1

Rolldock Submarine 2

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