The Security Assistance Group

Delta Company 40 Commando Royal Marines as they conduct a Commando assault onto enemy positions in the mountains surrounding the Vlore Naval Shipyard, Albania. The Marines cleared trench and tunnel systems during their final assault of Exercise Albanian Lion 14

Part of the Army 2020 transformation is the formation of the Security Assistance Group that;

pulls together the soft effect capabilities of the Military Stabilisation Support Group, 15 Psychological Operations Group and potentially Media Operations Group.

From a recent FOI request, further details on strength and composition

The Security Assistance Group was only established on 1 September 2014, therefore there is no historic financial data for the period you have requested in your First question. The unit is established for a total of 453 Military and Civilian personnel and the below table provides a breakdown ot the current strength in the headquarters and the sub-units of the Security Assistance Group .

The low strength is a reflection of the infancy of the unit but these numbers will increase while the unit continues to form up.
Please note figures have been rounded to 10; numbers ending in “5” have been rounded to the nearest multiple of 20 to prevent systematic bias

There are no personnel from the Department for International Development or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office permanently attached to the Security Assistance Group. however the assistance of a team from the Department for International Development may be required during some Operations.

The table mentioned above shows the breakdown

Unit/Sub Unit Strength as at 22 October 2014
Headquarters Security Assistance Group 50
15 Psychological Operations Group 50
Media Operations Group 70
Security Capacity Building Team 10
Military Stabilisation Support Group 120

I think this is a good measure of the commitment of the British Army and MoD but I wonder if the fact that are no permanently attached DFiD and FCO personnel show the modest commitment to conflict prevention.

We might also compare the 300 in the SAG to the number of horses in the British Army…

Best not go there.





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