Amphibious Logistics – Without a Beach

Whilst we are discussing amphibious operations on the open thread I started wondering about conducting said amphibious operation where there are no beaches or decent ports.

Helicopters I suppose, but not for any meaningful logistics build up.

On the small Island of St Helena in the middle of the Atlantic, Basil Read are building an airport (we have actually discussed the airport at St Helena a few times) which involves significant logistical challenges, the lack of a beach and decent port being one them.

Watch these two videos on how they have bought to the Island the following items

  • 8 million litres of fuel
  • 3,000 tonnes of explosive
  • 6,200 tonnes of concrete and pulverised fuel ash
  • 500 tonne sof sand
  • 120 items of construction plant
  • 9,000 ISO containers
  • 1,200 tonnes of reinforcing steel
  • 5,000 tonnes of other cargo

The Sappers among you might also recognise the dependable Braithwaite tank

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