Two Bridges, One Block and of Course, One Container

Posting has been rather light recently because I have been away.

During the course of my travels I managed to get a look at a number of interesting bridges like the Humber suspension bridge, Whitby swing bridge, Teeside transporter bridge, the Newcastle Millennium bridge and finally, the Forth bridges.

Teeside Transporter Bridge
Teeside Transporter Bridge

Incidentally, and to keep even a tenuous military theme, the Humber Suspension bridge was designed by Sir Ralph Freeman, a Royal Engineer and member of the Experimental Bridging Establishment at Christchurch, Dorset, forerunner to MEXE.

As I was sitting on a seaside park bench in Seaham, eating fish and chips, I also noticed something familiar in the distance, a Prince of Wales block I assume, on its way to the ship yard.

Prince of Wales
Prince of Wales

No travel picture set is complete without a container either, here is a containerised kitchen/canteen, on the side of a factory building in Newcastle upon Type.

Containerised Kitchen
Containerised Kitchen

Normal posting service should resume shortly!

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