Shaman CESM Update

Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer and Sea King ASaC Mk7

Way back in the dark depths of the Think Defence archive is a post about a Foriegn Military Sale request from the UK to the USA for a Cryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measure (CESM) system.

From Janes, an update;

The UK is moving ahead with plans to recapitalise its surface ship communications electronic support measures (CESM) capability through the acquisition of the US Navy’s (USN’s) AN/SSQ-130 Ship Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) Increment F cryptologic exploitation system.

Being acquired under the equipment project name Shaman, the SSEE Increment F system will meet the requirements for the UK’s Seaseeker maritime signals intelligence (SIGINT) programme.

Shaman will be fitted to Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers from 2017. The programme covers equipment fits to the six Type 45s, plus a seventh system to be used for shore-based training and reference.

And more from the manufacturer, Argon ST, a subsidiary of Boeing

Boeing [NYSE: BA] has received its first production order for the Ship’s Signal Exploitation Equipment (SSEE) Modifications program from the U.S. Navy, as well as a fifth order for SSEE Increment F systems, six for the U.S. Navy and four that will support the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy.

Work on the maritime signals intelligence systems will be performed by Boeing subsidiary Argon ST.

“The modifications will advance maritime forces’ ability to detect, geolocate and exploit signals sent by potential threats on selected SSEE Increment E and F systems,” said Dan Marini, Boeing’s SSEE program manager. “Meanwhile, our fifth order for the current system will bring SSEE’s real-time capabilities to a U.S. ally for the first time.” SSEE Modifications completed factory and shipboard tests late last year. The U.S. Navy order advances the program from development to low-rate initial production.

Argon ST will begin delivering SSEE Modifications in the next few months. Deliveries of the ten SSEE Increment F Lot 5 systems are expected to begin in mid-2014.

Good news

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