SDSR Special Pleading


In the run up to defence reviews it is traditional for the service chiefs to make a speech, attend a conference and sit down for lunch with a friendly journalist from the Telegraph or Times in order to make the case for more tanks, planes and ships.

Leakers and spivs, all are welcome.

So for SDSR 2015, this post will be stored in the open thread category updated on a regular basis with the links.

Please feel free to highlight more in comments and I will just update the main post.

More Planes

The Queen is concerned about the future of the Red Arrows

Leader of the Red Arrows calls for replacement of ageing jets as they celebrate their 50th display season 

More Tanks

Gen Sir Peter Wall: Britain may need its Army ‘sooner than some would have us think’ 

Cuts will leave Britain relying more on its allies, head of the Army says

Afghanistan may not yet be over

More Ships

Naval Credibility Relies on Two Aircraft Carriers

Britain’s Naval Moment

Maritime Renaissance

Sunk Costs: New Carriers Commit UK To Buy Escorts & F-35Bs, Says 1st Sea Lord

Royal Navy needs to Expand OPV Fleet

More Everything

Former head of the military Lord Richards warns armed forces ‘not good enough’ to tackle militant jihadism

Philip Hammond warns against deeper cuts to armed forces

More defence cuts would be irresponsible


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