Scotland, Submarines and Shipbuilding


As the Scottish referendum approaches the the issue of what would happen to nuclear submarines and shipbuilding continues to exercise many peoples thinking.

The simple fact is that it would be politically inconceivable that either major surface combat vessel shipbuilding and nuclear submarine basing (including the Trident facilities) would remain in Scotland.

Once that has been realised it comes down to practicalities.

Let’s not forget, the facilities and equipment is partially owned by the Scottish taxpayer so any calculation of cost would of course need to take that into account. The practical issue of where, when and who pays becomes the issue at hand.

The independence debate has sometimes descended into foolishness but if the people of Scotland wish full independence then the people of Scotland must face the consequences. Equally, the rest of the UK must respect the wishes of the Scottish people, stop moaning and get on with it.

Whether the remainder of the UK builds naval vessels at Portsmouth of bases Trident at Barrow is detail but one thing is for sure, it will not be in Scotland.

There are many deeply complex issues to resolve but at the end of the day it comes down to this


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