Vehicles for the Army 1962 – British Pathe

The caption reads

SV Pan, a light armoured car going over rough ground (a type of scout car). GV vehicles on exhibition. GV of the Blue Steel missile / rocket on show. CU Name “Blue Steel”.

VS of visiting military figures.

CU Pan, six-wheeled army vehicle called “Saracen going over rough ground.

SV Pan, Land Rover built on large wheels for riding over extremely rough ground. LV Landrover with caterpillar tracks going over rough ground. LV Six-wheeled vehicle called the “Rhino” which turns round in its own length. SV Pan, type of Landrover driving at speed and travelling at speed up steep gradient.

GV The Army’s Ark, a pressure lifting vessel which can carry a one-ton vehicle across water. CU Men lifting up the cover of the Ark revealing a type of van inside. LV Van being backed out of the Army’s Ark.

GV Large tank driving down into ditch. Shot from ditch, tank of the rescue tank coming to assistance. CU Wheels of tank bogged down in mud in ditch. SV Winches working from rescue tank drawing ditched tank out. SV Tank being pulled out of ditch.

LV Landrover fitted with floats going through the water bath. LV as the Landrover goes through the water, up ramp out of the bath.

GV of the Centurion rigid panel tank driving down into the bath. SV People watching. SV As the Centurion goes through the water. GV As the Centurion drives out up the ramp.



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May 3, 2014 5:54 pm

Splendid! As DH said ( some brilliant & some barking mad, but full marks for having a go…

dave haine
dave haine
May 3, 2014 7:30 pm

I rest my case…. :-)

By the way, the landrover with big wheels was actually a landrover idea aimed at forestry work, as was the cuthbertson conversion (the lannie with tracks). Strangely the cuthbertson conversion was actually commercially available and a number were sold. There is one still in existence, having only just been retired from service. Brilliantly simple (replaced the main wheels with sprockets, frame added to support other wheels), absolutely barking…

Land Rover are a company that has a history of thinking outside the box- remember the vehicles in the Judge Dredd movie? Designed by Landrover for the film. Based on the 1-tonne Forward Control chassis, with the glorious, and thirsty, V8.

I liked the inflatable container though….highly funky, you could just float all the kit ashore….
still barking though :-)

Swimming Trunks
Swimming Trunks
May 3, 2014 8:54 pm

Any info on the 6×6 “Rhino” vehicle?

Swimming Trunks
Swimming Trunks
May 3, 2014 10:06 pm

@ Chris – Cheers. Very interesting.