Remote Inspection

Easyjet Unmanned Inspection

A couple of interesting news pieces (courtesy of Gizmag) on the trial use by Easyjet of commercially available small unmanned aircraft to carry out visual inspections of their aircraft.


FireShot Capture - easyJet Media Centre - http___mediacentre.easyjet.com_stories_8347

BRL and Easyjet have teamed up with Coptercraft to develop the trials

Read more at Engineering and Technology Magazine (the best article online I found on the subject)

Easyjet Unmanned Inspection
Easyjet Unmanned Inspection

The relentless drive to reduce costs, in-house development, smart partnerships, the freedom to experiment and agility in the use of emerging technology are obvious traits on display.

Could the RAF and other services exploit a similar approach for remote inspection, or the specifics of the trial, perhaps even taking part in any trials?


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