Vehicles Into Containers Goes Four

ISO Container

It’s been a while since I wrote a proper container post. Using containers for vehicles, instead of RORO ships, does have a number of advantages but loading difficulties and the time penalty incurred by packing, shoring and securing the ships inside the container has traditionally been a barrier to widespread adoption.

For high value vehicles, classic and prestige cars for example, using containers is gaining traction with a specialist loading frame from Consolidated Car Shipping.

By increasing packing density, costs can also be lowered but in a military context the obvious advantage is avoiding prying eyes. Driving directly or even using low loaders makes it immediately obvious what is happening but using a container can keep things discrete.

Vehicle Container Rack
Vehicle Container Rack

The vehicles will of course be limited by the dimensions of a container but for light vehicles, light artillery and some engineering plant, I think this is a pretty useful capability to have.

Lets order ten!

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